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Safe sex in the time of COVID-19

So we are living through the world’s greatest pandemic right now. But as scary as that is, human nature remains the same and some of us will still be getting freaky because – yes the situation is bad – but life goes on right? 

So … how does one engage in safe sex while social distancing? How do we stay safe from COVID-19 and STIs simultaneously?

Here are 4 tips:

Solo sex – Indulge in solo sex because it’s the safest you can have during this time. This is your surest way of avoiding both COVID-19 and STI’s. Just make sure to always wash your hands and sex toys before and after masturbation. This should be done with water and soap and remember, the 20-second rule still applies!

Sex with a live-in partner – If you already live with your partner, continue to practice safe sex with them. Make sure both of you are consenting each and every time, use condoms and dental dams. Keep up with pelvic exams, Pap tests and periodic STI tests. 

Virtual and phone sex – For partners who don’t live together, or if you haven’t met yet, stick to virtual or phone sex for now. You never know where either of you has been so keep COVID-19 at bay by practising social distancing for now.

Continue Contraception – While COVID-19 seems like the biggest threat right now, remember that time spent together may result in an unwanted pregnancy. Remember to continue all forms of contraception from condoms to birth control. There are few scarier things than an unwanted baby during a pandemic so stay safe. 

Additional information sourced from hopkinsmedicine.org 

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