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Fortune Kangueehi Reminisces on a Life-changing Experience

In this throwback episode of the MYD Africa Show, formidable, fearless and fabulous Fortune Kanguuehi takes us back to one of the biggest moments of her life – her participation in the South African version of the popular food show ‘Master Chef’.

“I’ve always liked watching the show. I’ve always wondered how people cope in that kitchen because it looks quite bad watching, it’s even worse when you are there,” she says of what prompted her to apply to participate in the show. 

Without thinking of whether she’d make it or not, she filled out the form and the next thing she knew, she was called to audition in Cape Town.

For the first audition, contestants were asked to create a cold dish of a very specific temperature. 

“People had all kinds of gadgets measuring their food, I didn’t, I just put in as in and hoped for the best. I was in a queue for a very long time, probably about four hours. People were discussing their dishes, I obviously didn’t know anyone. A lot of people were friends, so there were a lot of clicks and groups and I was just sitting on my little box. I thought to myself ‘you in way over your head’ because I was not at all at their standard.”

To her surprise, that first audition went well. Her dish tasted by the judges was at the right temperature and they loved it.

She made it to the second round and ultimately, to the feared ‘boot camp’ 

“It was surreal, I really couldn’t believe it happened,” she says. 

While the situation was a tough one to endure, Fortune maintained her cool and  learnt to look at the Master Chef as the relationships that she has built.

The experience was also fun at times and whenever things got tough again, she’d cry it all out. 

“I cried a lot, I cried. I think I cried after every challenge. Just like ooh, it’s over. I missed my family a lot so I cried when I missed them and crying helped me, when I let go of emotions I can deal, I can take more,” she recalls. 

She likens the Master Chef experience to life, saying that just like life, Master Chef  is full of challenges and obstacles and emotions and relating and forming of relationships.

“It’s taught me a lot of things about myself, and I think I’m better at pressure now than I was before, because of that experience, because it taught me I can handle a lot and it really made me believe that I’m much stronger than I thought I was.”

For anyone going through an experience that is stressful, she says, ”The one thing that worked for me is feeling things. When I try to not feel something it’s harder, so I allow, always allow myself to feel. To feel the pressure, and if I felt like crying then I cried and if I just accepting it as opposed to pushing it back helped me deal.”

Years after the Master Chef experience, and currently employed as the Marketing Manager: Personal Markets, Fortune remains passionate about cooking. “I need it, I need it to be a part of my life, because it allows me to be creative. It allows me to do. The thing I love the most is when people eat my food and  enjoy it. It also makes me a better Mom.

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