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Getting Over The November Slump, TribeFire Studios edition

Push through the slump.


I’m hot, I’m cranky, I’m unmotivated, and talk around the office as of late has been: “ wooah, I’m ready for the holidays”.  Just a moment ago a colleague asked me, “when is the office closing again, what does the email say?”

We’ve hit the slump.

We see the light at the end of the tunnel. The finishing line is in sight, and we’ve grown sluggish.

Now is the time to dig deep. Now is the time to cross the finish line as productive as we did when we began this race at the beginning of the year.

So c’mon, let’s go. It’s just a little further now. Get up! Let me say it a little louder so the people at the back can hear me…GET UP, LET’S PUSH THROUGH!!!!!!

I took a walk (count that as my exercise for the day) around the office today and asked a few people how they’re keeping themselves motivated and encouraged to ran (walk or crawl) this last kilometer.


10 ways TribeFire is getting over the November Slump


“By staying positive and avoiding the negative vibes.”~ Maggie Forcelledo Paz, Managing Producer, One Africa TV.



“Knowing I have to put bread on the table. Some days yes ,I don’t feel like coming to work, but I have responsibilities, and that’s what keeps me going.”~Cecilie Tjeriko, Custodian. TribeFire Studios.



“What’s keeping me motivated is having an end goal in mind. The endless possibilities of what I can accomplish. I want to see, what more can life offer me. I also want to see how far I can push myself.”~ Mathew Ishitile, Sound engineer. 99FM










“By keeping my eye on the reward that’s coming in December. I’m looking forward to my ‘readathon’. I have alot of books I can’t wait to dig into.”~Esther Ashipala, Intern. One Africa




“I have a great vacation planned for this December. I’m going to Thailand. Knowing that everyday brings me closer to my dream vacation is what’s keeping me motivated.”~Claire Ross, Client Relations Manager. 99FM.




“Knowing that the holidays are around the corner and chilling with the happy people in the office always lifts my spirit.”~ Timothy Yates, Relations Manager. Paytoday.











“Spending more time actually relaxing at home. Making sure I’m getting sufficient sleep so I wake up rejuvenated and not grumpy.”-Geraldine Du Plessis, Receptionist. TribeFire Studios



“ My colleague (Sibo) makes me laugh so hard. So on the extra hard days, we spend the first few minutes of work just talking, singing and laughing and that usually gets me back in the mood. Also knowing that the year is coming to an end. Looking forward to a New Year and new beginnings gives the motivation to push through.”~ Treza Copper, 99fm DJ



“The feeling of accomplishment. I’m ticking of things that I need to do before the end of the year, because I want to finish Strong. Checking them off gives me that sense of accomplishment and motivation.” ~ Jacqueline Angula, Digital Manager. Namibia Trade Directory, Venture Publications.





 “I went on a work trip recently and getting out of the office helped me feel rejuvenated. For those that can’t go on a small trip, I would advice a change in environment. Try working with a different team, or in a different office, try working from home or from a coffee shop now and again. I also love motivational talks. For those in a slump, they can watch a Ted talk, or read a inspirational book. Finally, have a list of things that need to be done before you go on holiday, so you are kept on track.”~Stefan Hugo, CEO. TribeFire Studios