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Help flatten the curve – Stay home!

While some people are starting to understand the importance of staying home to help slow down the rate of Coronavirus infections, many still do not fully grasp why staying at home is so crucial. 

‘Flattening the curve’, a term coined by epidemiologists is the idea that increased social distancing slows the spread of the virus, helping to avoid a spike in infections happening simultaneously.  As was the case in Italy, the inability to effectively keep people apart from each other puts a huge strain on the health system with hospitals being overwhelmed because ventilators or hospital beds would run out.

In an interview with npr.com, Drew Harris, a population health researcher at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia says that flatten the curve does not mean elimination of infections. In fact, it means that the number of infections drops to a manageable figure of people who can be accommodated by the health sector once they develop severe symptoms.  

How can you help flatten the curve?

  • Avoid traveling unless absolutely necessary
  • Keep a one-metre distance between yourself and others at all times
  • Avoid social gatherings and stay home
  • Leave your house only to run errands that are absolutely essential (grocery shopping, filling up on fuel, emergency medical services, etc.)
  • Unless your work is deemed as essential, work from home.
  • Social distancing does not only mean avoiding social gatherings outside of your home, avoid having friends and family who you’ve not already been social distancing with over at your house. 
  • If you experience COVID-19 symptoms, don’t go to a hospital, clinic or any health outlet but rather call the COVID-19 hotline: 0800 100 100 for a health practitioner to assist you. Alternatively, you can call Pathcare at 081 127 4546 for Coronavirus testing.