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#TheTribeExclusive featuring Kevo Maro

Kevo Maro is a young and rising music star who’s got his eyes set on the big prize – becoming one of Namibia’s top performers. 

Real name Kevin Kimaro, Kevo Maro as he is now affectionately known in music circles is a hip hop artist who describes his style as ‘Conscious Trap’. 

He calls himself “the leader of the new school” and dabbles in an urban sound that’s slowly getting him noticed by hip hop fans and industry colleagues across the country. 

‘TheTribeExclusive’ recently had Kevo Maro in the studio and this is what he shared: 

You want to incorporate more thought into the Trap genre, tell us more about that.

What I’m trying to do is incorporate conscience rap into Trap music. I like the Trap sound where you can still get a little bit of something from a really crazy song, but it still has a message. 

Describe your musical journey, how has it been for you so far? 

It’s been crazy man. I finished high school in 2017 and came to Windhoek and a few months later I signed to DBS and we started on the first single. That was in

2018 and we worked on the EP late that year. Everything started taking off from there.

Do you have any solo projects?

I do. I have an EP called ‘Best Mistake’.

And how was it like putting it together. Did you collaborate with any big names?

I collaborated with one artist, LMPC.

Tell us about your upcoming album. It seems like it’s going to be your breakthrough into the industry since you’re bringing to the table a whole new way of doing Trap?

The project’s called ‘Hella Dilemma’. It’s going to be my debut album, I’m excited. I’m proud to have finished it because I didn’t think I was going to. I made myself a promise that between the age of seventeen and twenty I was going to put out my debut album.

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