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Lockdown blues? Follow these Namibians on Instagram to stay upbeat 

Being bound to your home for at least three weeks is going to test even the most introverted homebodies. To lift your spirits and keep you upbeat over the next few weeks, 99FM came up with a list of Namibians on Instagram to follow if you’re looking for content to keep you going during lockdown: 

  1. For your daily dose of wellness – Nelao Nelonga’s content is uplifting, motivating and encouraging at a time when social media is inundated with negativity and bad news. Follow Nelao for your daily dose of wellness wrapped in carefully curated content that empowers you with simple tools for upliftment. Follow Nelao @nelaonelonga.


Another wellness professional to add on to your list is Beauty Boois, who’s plant-based lifestyle and motivational mantras will inspire you to live a more well-rounded, healthy life. Follow her @beautyboois.


2. For your daily dose of fitness – At no cost at all, fitness Windhoek-based instructor Lee Neshila has been treating his                followers to free fitness sessions live from his living room. If you struggle with home workouts, this is the perfect                                opportunity to reprogram yourself to stay motivated enough for your daily workouts especially since you have no option of              going to a gym. Follow Lee @leeneshila


         And all the way in the UK, British-Namibian fitness bunny Jessi Clare combines fitness and wellness to beat your lockdown             blues. Check her out on Instagram @jessi_clare


3. For your daily dose of laughter – We all need some laughter now more than ever and who better to make you laugh than some of the country’s funny men and women? Check out Xuro Milton @xuro for some wholesome humour and follow @bubbs_07 for funny memes to keep you entertained. 

4. For your daily dose of yummy recipes – For your daily food inspiration to make the best meals for you and your family during lockdown, follow the following Namibians on Instagram: Follow @cookingwithndeshi, @cooking_with_takkie, and @foodfluencer for delicious recipes to add to your menu.