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Lessons from Namibian Prohibition 

The sound of a beer opening. The taste of your favourite merlot. That swanky cocktail to wrap up a hectic week. Sounds familiar?

Well, with many of us having missed these little pleasures in life, this week proved to be a big one as the alcohol ban was finally lifted. 

We spoke to a few individuals to find out how they are taking the opening of liquor sales and how their consumption has been affected over the last two months. 

Jonathan Solomons, a local playwright says that he’s looking at alcohol differently after going a month without a drink. “My relationships have improved because I haven’t been drinking and there have been fewer arguments with the people I love so I’m definitely planning to cut down on how much I drink.” 

For Tatum Strauss, the ban made her realize exactly what role alcohol played in her life. “I have more time in my days now and some of my family members have told me that I’m actually more chilled now,”  she chuckles. 

“I’ve been somewhat dependent on it and I realized that I could live without it. You wouldn’t realize how much you would actually drink especially if you take some drinks during the week,” says Issai Sipunga.  

So as the ban on alcohol sales becomes a thing of the past, or so some hope, we must be reminded that COVID 19 is still an imminent threat, so let’s remain cautious. 

We want to know what has the alcohol ban taught you about your consumption of alcohol?