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#TheTribeExclusive featuring D – Kandjafa

You may be seeing him on your TV screens hearing his music on the radio but D-Kandjafa wants you to know that he has paid his dues in the music industry.  

“I started from the bottom. I didn’t even know I’ll get here because I had people telling me I’m wasting my time, but I always wanted to prove them wrong.”

Three albums after he first stepped onto the scene, all eyes are finally on D-Kandjafa

What are some of the challenges you faced as an upcoming artist? 

It was difficult. Sometimes I would ask people to help me but it was not easy. I would go from person to person, friend to friend, telling them about my little hustle but even though I  was sacrificing, it was still hard.

You were signed under Deal Done Recordz, how did that go?

I’m not yet with the label but everything’s still fine between us. I did one album with them. I had a good contract with them but something came up and we had to end it but our partnership is still on.

What can we expect from your fourth album?

I’m giving my fans the underground star in this album which has 19 tracks. I’ll be doing everything solo – I’m going solo as an artist and I’m not under a label so it’s solo everything. I’m working with artists like Nakale.

If his first singles off the album are anything to go by, we just know the album will be a banger. So if you’re like us and are excited about what D-Kandjafa has up his sleeves, follow him on Facebook D-kandjafa Namibia and @dkandjafa on Instagram.

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