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Motivation to Help in the Conservation Effort

CBNRM, or Community Based Natural Resource Management, is one of Namibia’s greatest success stories when it comes to conservation. Prior to Namibia’s independence in 1990, wildlife populations in common areas had plummeted as a result of poaching and drought and natural resources across the country were under threat. In the mid-1980s an innovative program was introduced to inspire communal stewardship of wildlife and motivate communities to take an active role in the conservation of the natural resources that surround them. In 1990 this program evolved so that communities could identify areas with defined borders, governance structures, membership and management plans. These communities have rights to manage and distribute benefits from wildlife resources in their areas, also known as “conservancies”. It is under this structure of management that Namibians gained not only access to and responsibility of the areas in which they were to prosper and survive, but along with it the motivation to help in the conservation effort.

Helge Denker discusses the successes of community-based conservation in the Spring issue of Travel News Namibia; highlighting the victories the program has achieved with regards to community involvement, sense of ownership and responsibility and the overwhelming success enjoyed by joint-venture tourism operations that elicit pride and unity from participating communities.

Nowhere in Africa
By Helge Denker

People, places and wildlife. Africa’s drawcards. Wildlife usually comes first on the list: lions and leopards, rhinos, elephants and buffaloes. The ‘Big Five’, originally tallied as the animals most dangerous to early European hunters in Africa, are now the key wildlife attraction for tourists. Yet discerning travellers have long since realised that Africa’s real charm lies in its enchanting mix of spectacular landscapes, iconic cultures and charismatic wildlife. Nowhere in Africa can these be experienced better than in Namibia’s community conservation areas. For the full story visit Travel News Namibia
Community Conservation Stats
• Number of communal conservancies in Namibia: 82
• Area they cover: approximately 161,900 km2
• People living in conservancies: approximately 180,000
• Number of operational joint-venture lodges (with contracts with conservancies): 37

• manage wildlife and other natural resources
• monitor wildlife, vegetation, rainfall, fire etc.
• combat poaching
• conduct annual game counts
• zone core wildlife areas
• enable equitable partnerships between rural communities and the tourism industry

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