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The MYD Show – Independent Connection with Ilke Platt-Akwenye

lke Platt-Akwenye was born in Windhoek. She started working in broadcasting in 2003 and is well known in Namibia by her stage name, Cutie. Currently she is the Manager of Marketing and Communications at Sanlam Namibia.

In this episode of the MYD Show, Ilke shares with us on her latest endeavour, a charity for children that is driven by children.

In this MYD show podcast we find out:

  • Ilke’s journey to get to where she is today
  • What independence means to Ilke
  • How connection, and the need to connect with others, drove her to start Poiyah
  • Ilke’s message for Namibia

Take a listen to the MYD Show with Ilke Platt-Akwenye, here :