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The MYD Show – Independent Connection with Priscilla, the Namibian Dessert Queen

Loving yourself, as you are, is the foundation on which you enable yourself to achieve your dreams. Priscilla, the Namibian Dessert Queen, is an example of this.

“We tend to generalise ourselves into what society thinks about us, what other people feel you must fit in. But for me, I found my own power, my own foundation and I’m not going to let it go.”

Singer, Song Writer, Plus Sized Model, Motivational Speaker and the founder of the Love Yourself Campaign, Priscilla joined us for this episode of the MYD Show to explain how loving yourself is empowerment.

“My mom passed way away 12 years ago. She had breast cancer, which later developed in throat cancer, which later developed into brain cancer. But throughout her journey, she never lost hope and she had this amazing belief in encouraging people. She was a nurse, so she had this Florence Nightingale look and feel, and she always catered for other kids. I have brothers and sisters who weren’t really my brothers and sisters but they stayed with us in the house.”

In this MYD show podcast we find out:

  • How Priscilla went from the world of banking to the become a revered and NAMA nominated singer
  • Why believing in yourself is powerful
  • How the Love Yourself Campaign, which started in Namibia, is connecting with people all over Africa
  • Priscilla’s inspiration for life that came form her late mother

Catch magic moments from the interview on MYD TV:

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