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The MYD Show – Life and Expectations with Loide Nantinda

Loide Nantinda, born in the North of Namibia, is today an actor, model and film maker living in New York City.

Loide has worked for international companies such as Levi Strauss, Royal Dutch Shell and many more, she has worked on international feature films and starred in soap operas such as Generations.

Right now, Loide is back in Namibia to start work on her crowd funded film, Our Likeness.

The film sees Loide travelling to 15 countries to immerse herself in the cultures of countries around the world – specifically looking at the similarities amongst women even from different corners of the globe.

In this episode of the MYD Show, Loide Nantinda shares with us :

  • What it has been like for her as a Namibian in New York
  • The process of making a crowd funded film
  • What Loide hopes to achieve with this film
  • Loide’s strong roots that inspire her

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