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The MYD Show – Life and Expectations with Deon Namiseb

Deon Namiseb has been recognized as a national sports hero in Namibia yet his life started out with great difficulties after been born with multiple disabilities, some paralysis and blindness. While not many expected the greatness that would have come from Deon, today he is an icon for sports both in Namibia and around the world.

deon-with-the-obamasDeon was captain of the Special Olympics Namibian Soccer Team when it won the Disabled Sports Team of the Year Award. Deon was also selected as an International Global Messenger, representing millions of athletes with intellectual disabilities and speaking out to raise awareness around the globe about the power of sports. He has meet presidents and international sports stars and many more and in this episode of the MYD Show, Deon shares with us on the power of having high expectations of yourself.

In this episode of the MYD Show, Deon Namiseb shares with us :

  • The story of his early life when few people expected him to live yet because of love, he thrived
  • The moment when he regained his sight again and what that felt like
  • What it felt like to represent Namibia at the Special Olympics and be selected as a Global Messenger for the Special Olympics
  • Deon’s message for Namibia

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