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The MYD Show – We Are Because of One Another with Mo Shê

Mo Shê was born in Nigeria but has lived in many African countries. Now in Namibia studying his doctorate, Mo found creative expression that is getting him noticed far and wide. A budding photographer, Mo joined us on the MYD Show to talk about Ubuntu in Africa.

img_3983“We should celebrate the fact that we are different, celebrate that we are from different tribes. Our kids should not grow up knowing the tribal differences as negative.”

In this MYD show podcast we find out:

  • What Africa could learn from Namibia and vice versa
  • Mo’s academic background and how photography is his is expression
  • Why we should “cherish the ancients, for they are the living museums of society.”

“Support people who are trying. If you see someone starting something, your first thought shouldn’t be they are not going to make it. Think about how you can help them, because one day it’s going to be you in that situation, you are going to be trying something and you are going to need the support of people around you. They are going to treat you the same way you treated them.”

Take a listen to the MYD Show with Mo Shê, here :