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The MYD Show – The Path to Peace with Uncle GEP

Uncle GEP is a well-known Namibian gender equality practitioner and consultant on relationships, gender and media issues. He is also Mediator for the High Court of Namibia, a member of the Cabinet Advisory Committee on Gender Based Violence and a Member of the Namibia Ombudsman Office Human Rights Advisory Committee.

An advocate for communication, education and self-awareness, Uncle GEP in this episode of the MYD Show, shares with us how we can overcome anger armed with these tools.

In this episode of the MYD Show, Uncle GEP shares with us :

  • What we need to ensure peace internally and externally
  • What toxic masculinity is doing to relationships
  • What anger does to relationships
  • How self-awareness breaks down anger

Take a listen to or watch the MYD Show with Uncle GEP, here :