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Self Awareness – Fannes Namhunya on why we shouldn’t take it personally

  MYD: What is your take on taking things personally? FN: We are brought up in a culture where we don’t go into children’s minds, to where critical thinking occurs….

Tips for Sacking the Stress Slump

In business, any given day can be the best or the worst, and is often both. This effect is compounded in the grips of stress, and being the middle of…

The MYD Show – The Path to Peace with Uncle GEP

Uncle GEP is a well-known Namibian gender equality practitioner and consultant on relationships, gender and media issues. He is also Mediator for the High Court of Namibia, a member of…

The MYD Show – I Am Free To Be Me

Being yourself means knowing yourself, owning your own space, loving yourself and claiming your freedom to be… YOU. This freedom is claimed when armed with awareness of ourselves. From this…