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The MYD Show – I Am Free To Be Me

Being yourself means knowing yourself, owning your own space, loving yourself and claiming your freedom to be… YOU. This freedom is claimed when armed with awareness of ourselves. From this place of self-awareness we can prevent our emotions being hijacked, from standing in our own way and from prejudices.

This week the MYD Show took a look at the freedom to be you, with the help of Gregory De Vries, the Operations and Events Manager at Nomad Spa. Gregory hails from Lüderitz and has seen many hardships in his life, but through his self-awareness and perseverance, he is an inspiration to many others today. The MYD Show was this week also joined by MYD expert, Creativity Coach Karen Powell. Karen, as a creativity coach and lifestyle mentor, assists many Namibians to  unblock their creativity and realise their dreams.

Listen to the full episode of the Master Your Destiny Show, I Am Free To Be Me, here: