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The MYD Show – Spend a Moment in My Reality with Ignatius Mwanyekange

Ignatius Mwanyekange was only a young boy when the bombs fell at the Cassinga camp on the 4th of May 1978.

“One of the horrific things I saw when I fall down at the first instances, just to see bodies scattered, everywhere. I couldn’t believe it because at the beginning I did not know what was going on.”

He had never seen an airplane before that morning, when many of his friends and family died. Ignatius is a Cassinga Day survivor.

“I was young. I couldn’t do anything. These things are all still on my mind. It is still affecting me but lucky enough because of the counselling, through this counselling then you talk the truth, you talk to somebody, you release it yourself instead of keeping the pain inside.”

In this episode of the MYD Show,Ignatius shares his story and his experience of survival, plus his powerful message of forgiveness and love.

“People should really come to the understanding that as human beings, no matter what colour you are, no matter where you live, no matter what standard of life you live, take life as a gift by God and try to assist, and try to listen to one another, and try to build this nation in peace.”

In this MYD show podcast we find out:

  • What Cassinga Day was really like for Ignatius Mwanyekange in 1978
  • How this experience affect him
  • How he moved from anger to a place of forgiveness
  • Ignatius’s message for Namibia taking learning’s from Cassinga Day

Take a listen to the MYD Show with Ignatius Mwanyekange, here :