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The MYD Show – Woke with Shishani

The first in our new series, Woke, the MYD Show, was in this episode joined by Shishani to introduce this discussion on being aware and what this awareness can do for social change.

Namibian singer-songwriter, Shishani, has won a host of awards both locally and internationally. Her music is known for it’s strong social consciousness, and her latest project, which launches next week, is called “Kalahari Encounters – Namibian Tales”. Shishani joined us for this episode of the MYD Show, to talk being woke.

“We’re in this together, it’s not like these are the chosen few, and these deserve to have a nice life and chase their dreams and prosper and flourish. Everybody deserves to have that. But I think in essence if we are brought up to know that we’re different but we are equally valuable on this planet, then we would look at things differently. I think that, if that is part of your upbringing and you see the other person, you see your next as really your next…. From there if that’s really instilled in you, there is no way you can look away anymore, once you are woke you can’t go back to sleeping.”

In this MYD show podcast we find out:

  • What Shishani thinks about being woke
  • How Shishani follows her intuition in all things
  • How Shishani has overcome dogmatic social norms in her life
  • What societal injustices Shishani feels we should address

Take a listen to the MYD Show with Shishani, here :


For more information about ‘Kalahari Encounters – Namibian Tales’, click here