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Namibian Songbird with her Festive Season Recipe

“You are what you repeatedly do”

Just in time for the festive season, Namibian songbird, Lize Ehlers has sent us her festive season recipe of choice for a healthy, happy and creative summer.

A festive season recipe by Lize Ehlers

Because my body is my temple and the Xmas season is usually filled with cakes and sweets, I personally would love everyone to rather make a fun fillet chicken stir – fry with julienne carrots with yummy raisins to celebrate fragrant spices, good times and tasty memories.

It’s a simple process and here is how I do it :

I take chicken fillet and fry it in coconut oil. Add lots of fresh cut ginger, garlic and celery. I would add onions if I were you, but I can’t eat onions so hey, make it your way. To that you add some soya sauce and all coloured pepper slices. I usually only use salt and pepper to flavour my dishes, which I do now, but be careful the soya sauce is already adding a salty taste to the dish,  but here I also add bit of all spice as well and some sweet chilli sauce with a bit of curry powder to bring out the sweetness in the peppers. Add some cream and yum, yippee.

To your fresh cut julienne carrots (I bant, so low carbs, hence no rice) you just fry in coconut oil till cooked and add some cinnamon, raisons and caramelize the whole thing.

To dish, sprinkle some diced and dry fried Hawaii mix (you know the snack pack you buy to munch on while you sip a glass of sparkling on a hot Sunday in your hammock…) over the top, I love it, because it brings crunch and extra flavours to the table. If you like coriander, top with fresh coriander and enjoy a yummy, fragrant dish out of Lize Lekker’s Kitchen.

Ps. You are what you repeatedly do. Happy Xmas. Make good choices. Love & Light,

Your Lize

Lize Ehlers 2