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One-on-one with Legendary Explorer, Kingsley Holgate

Humanitarian, adventurer, author, TV Personality and fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, Kingsley Holgate is called the most travelled man in Africa and he just recently paid a visit to Namibia for a few very exciting reasons. Interview with Kingsley

99FM’s MYD Earth caught up with the living legend to find out the reasons that just brought him to Namibia and of course, to talk about his recent journey to discover the heart of Africa, the one everyone is talking about.

Kingsley heads up the Kingsley Holgate Foundation which uses adventure to improve and save lives. While travelling the continent of Africa, Kingsley and his team have handed out over a quarter of a million Malaria nets, over 120 000 glasses have been handed out in the Right to Site campaign and much more. Now Kingsley and Sheelagh Antrobus from Project Rhino KZN, have brought the Rhino Art Rhino Artproject to Namibia. Rhino Art is an exciting project that is looking to change behaviour through educating the youth. To date, a quarter of a million drawings have been done by young Africans and taken to Asian countries such as China and Vietnam to educate the youth of this continent about how their cultural practices are infringing on our heritage in Africa.

Another reason that brought Kingsley Holgate to Namibia was the fascinating part that Namibia and Namibians played in the discovery of Kingsley and Kirstythe Victoria Falls by David Livingstone. A piece of history that was until now unknown, that proves Namibia’s critical role in the discovery of the Falls by Livingstone.

While here Kingsley shared with 99FM’s MYD Earth what a grueling expedition he just undertook to find the geographical centre of Africa, the heart of Africa. An expedition that at one point he did not think he would come back from. He did however find the heart of Africa, and came back to share the stories of adventure, courage, colour and life, that define exploration in Africa.

For the full interview with Kinsley Holgate including details on the Rhino Art project, the role Namibia played in helping David Livingstone find the Victoria Falls, the epic journey to the heart of Africa, and Kingsley’s message for Namibia, take a listen to the MYD Earth Show here :