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The MYD Show – I Am Free To Be Happy

A critical component of knowing who we are is consideration for our levels of well-being and happiness. How happy are you right now? What is your personal level of well-being today? It’s a well-known fact that success follows happiness, so getting happy is fundamental in achieve success in your life. So much so, that our concept of how we measure the success of a country is being challenged by thought leaders today. Measuring a country’s success based on how strong that country’s economy is, leaves no room for the wellbeing of that country’s citizens to be considered, as history has shown us.

Now in Namibia, a group of passionate Namibians are asking us to consider where we stand in terms of our citizen wellbeing. To do this they have surveyed Namibians to find out how happy we are as a nation. This week MYD looked at happiness from the point of our happiness collectively as a nation. To discuss the survey done here and where to from here after the findings, we were joined by Dr. Justine Braby and Reinhold Mangundu from For Progress Namibia, who are part of the citizen wellbeing project.

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If you want more information on the citizen wellbeing project, click here :  Citizen Wellbeing Namibia