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Painting with a Lens

“It’s very important to have a sense of self-worth, as artists we need to express that importance with the work we do.”

A young Namibian with a strong sense of self worth and artistic flare, Oshoveli Shipoh is making his mark from behind the camera. Working as a designer in the advertising arena, Oshoveli is also becoming a well-known Namibian name in photography and more recently in the film arena.

99FM’s MYD Art sat down with Oshoveli to talk art, inspiration and worth.

99FM’s MYD Art asked
Tell us about the art projects you are working on?

I’m currently preparing a short film for production, it’s called ‘Painted Scars’. It’s a story that’s never been told before so I feel quite excited to be directing and producing it. I am also busy with some photography work that I have been commissioned on. For example, I did photography for World Savings Day for The Ministry of Finance; it was an exciting and interesting project.

What inspired you to get involved in these projects?

With the film it’s really the need and desire to tell stories and not just any story but a really good story. I’ve always loved cinema growing up but only about a year ago my gut feeling told me that I must make films as well.

Photography for me is painting reality with a lens. Not so much about taking snap shots but more about finding the right intensity in your lens and capturing the moment of that intensity. It’s an art form that I want to express.

What do you want to achieve with them?

Painted Scars will be an incredible short film, I’ve got an amazing actress Carla Van Vuuren playing one of the leads. I believe this is the opportunity of making a name for myself in the global film industry. I plan on winning international film awards with this project. On the other hand, with photography it’s really expressing creativity, creating conversation and receiving admiration.

What do you think defines an artist?

Creativity, creativity and creativity. You are not an artist if you’re not creating.

How important is it, as an artist, so have a sense of self-worth?

It’s very important, as artists we need to express that importance with the work we do. The material things that make up a painting like your paint, palette, brushes and canvas are all replaceable. But the painting is irreplaceable because it has the artist’s signature, personality and passion expressed into it. Most people are not aware of that including the artists themselves. So yes it’s very important to have a sense of self-worth but it’s more important to be aware of it and make your audience aware of it as well.

What is self-worth to you?

I bring out the best of myself through creativity. People are interested in amazing things and when you convince your mind, body and soul that what you’re doing is amazing then you will always feel successful and that sense of self-worth will be a testimony by the people who express interest in what you do.

How does an artist know their self-worth without being influenced by the opinions of others?

This comes when an artist listens and reacts to their gut feeling and sixth sense. A mind is a very powerful tool and yet its easily influenced. Most artists resist the influence of other’s opinions because their own creative intuition is more powerful than they think. They trust their own creativity more than anything, that’s how they know.

Take a look at some of Oshoveli’s moving photography here : Oshoveli Shipoh Photography


Osho Poster

                                                                                Poster for the new Oshoveli Shipoh film