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“If we lived in a world where men and women were equal we would be able to remove GBV. We need to start seeing all humans as equally worthy.”

LifeLine ChildLine Namibia in partnership with the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare, the Ministry of Health and Social Services and USAID recently launched a new campaign to promote the 106 GBV toll free HelpLine as a service that can provide all Namibians with safe and anonymous place of safety in times of fear, abuse or concern.

99FM’s MYD Heart sat down with Brigit May Rudd, the Gender Programs Manager at LifeLine Childline Namibia, to talk about this new help line and why it is important.

99FM’s MYD Heart asked :
What is your take on self-worth?

“It all starts with loving yourself firstly but this is strengthened by having a strong sense of first doing no harm. You don’t have to save anyone but you need to know that you haven’t harmed anyone either. When you can go to bed knowing you have not harmed then it makes it easier to love yourself. I also strongly believe that integrity and staying true to your values are a key component of self-worth”

How important is self-worth in seeking help when you need help?

“Gender based violence is shrouded in taboo, silence and shame. This is what we were specifically looking at with the 106 GBV Helpline campaign, removing the shame, silence and taboo. The root cause of Gender Based Violence is gender inequality. If we lived in a world where men and women were equal we would be able to remove GBV. We need to start seeing all humans as equally worthy.”

“One can’t say that abusive relationships are only because of a loss of self-worth however reaching out to this service creates a safe space for you. Safe, anonymous and confidential and out of working with a counsellor you can find the answers to your questions. What this outcome is, is up to you but it is a place where you can explore yourself and give yourself the space to find out about you and discuss topics that you might not be comfortable discussion with your family or friends. We use a very person centred approach to counselling.”

How did your exciting initiative come about?

“The 116 Childline number has been in existence for many years and we have found that often adults call the number seeking help. We knew for a while that there was a need for a toll free number not only for children but one that could address relationship problems, abuse and GBV issues and more.”

“Namibia is in crisis in terms of atrocious GBV issues and because of this every person and every sector needs to do their part. Lifeline Childline does counselling best and we know as well that in cases of GBV people need counselling possibly for years. You don’t come out of a GBV based relationships without counselling. It is crucial to response and prevention. It took years to launch but it is here now.”

Why is it important for Namibia?

“This helpline is accessible in every part of Namibia whereas very often in GBV cases, the first response isn’t effective enough because of the limited number of help stations in Namibia. With the 106 GBV helpline, even if you are phoning from far away, you have access to someone who is trained, kind and who can help you. Another important role of the helpline is to disseminate information on laws and rights to the people. Anyone can phone to find out their rights and what the processes to follow are. So with the helpline you can get help, counselling and information.”

What would you like to share with people that need help?

“That calling someone is just one small step and all you need to take is one step. One step at a time is the best thing you can do in a moment of crisis and even though it might be scary, take the step. When you call the 106 GBV Helpline you will have access to help that is anonymous and confidential. So if you are at all concerned call, as the helpline is a place to get information and knowledge as well as get help and share. This is our space to help and to get help.”

Have a look at the 106 GBV Helpline Facebook page here :  106 GBV Helpline

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