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The MYD Show : 31 – Forgiveness


To release judgements and free ourselves from the chains of anger and wanting revenge, is something that frees us to live a more fulfilled life. To let go is to forgive what has happened with the knowledge that everything happens for a reason and that there is a benefit even in difficult situations.

What’s more, this act of letting go and forgiving has been found to give us a wide range of benefits that include – physical benefits like better sleep, lower blood pressure, lower risk of heart disease and even an increased life expectancy.

In this episode of MYD we looked at forgiveness, why it’s important and how to move from anger to freedom.

Joining us in studio we had John Sam a man who spent 12 years in jail for a crime he did not commit, we were also joined by award winning Namibian musician D-Naff who has a powerful story of how anger can destroy you if you let it. And bringing us an empowering view on forgiveness, we were joined by Dr Elga Drews.

Listen to the full episode of the MYD Show on Forgiveness, here: