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Swakopmund Embracing Change

“Swakopmund has become more vibrant in every possible way and we have embraced the change, we invite you to do the same.”

As creatures of habit we often like the things we know to stay the same, however change can mean many new and exciting things for us to enjoy. An example of this is the Namibian coastal town of Swakopmund, which was seen many changes over the last few years as expansion doubles and development grows at a rapid rate.

Swakop1aAn article by Erongo Newspaper quotes prof. Rainer Trede, a managing member of Development Consultants for Southern Africa (Decosa), as saying “Ensuring an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable tourism sector will contribute to the empowerment of local people and ultimately improve the quality of life of all Swakopmund residents.” As Namibians an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable tourism sector is critical to everyone and we are part of that sector every time we visit and enjoy a part of our country that is not our home town.

99FM’s MYD Earth spoke to Xenia Ivanoff-Erb, the Brand Manager for The Dome Swakopmund, to find out what changes in the coastal town of Swakopmund are meaning positive changes for all Namibians and the residents of Swakopmund to enjoy.

Xenia explains that Namibians should try out the new things in Swakopmund because “Swakopmund is well known as the holiday capital of Namibia, with its beautiful clean streets and historical buildings which give her a sense of character and makes those who visit here feel “right at home”. Swakopmunders love their hometown and are really vocal about protecting her aesthetic charm and equally vocal about protecting her environment and keeping her natural beauty and character intact. The past few years have seen plenty of growth and development in and around the town. This growth in tourism in the area has encouraged local businesses and residents to provide more activities and places of interest in the town.”

This development at our coastline is affording Namibians more options in terms of activities at the coast and Xenia in encouraging Namibian to explore these developments says that “We would encourage visitors to Swakop to try new things and to avoid being stuck in the rut of doing the “same old thing” just because that is what Swakop means to you. There is a kind of magic dwells in change, in the fresh and new. With the current growth happening at the coast there are many new opportunities for people from all walks of life. There are more and more opportunities being created for young people to stay at the coast and to make a living here. The trend has always been after completing schooling, to leave the “small town” for the big lights of the Southern African cities but there is definitely change happening and youngsters are staying and enjoying working in their beautiful and secure hometown.”

Xenia goes on to say that what inspires her about the growth happening at our coastline is that “The population dynamics throughout the year changes drastically, in this small town, but that is really one of the core elements which make Swakop so special. December 2015 was a watershed season at the coast with Swakopmund being heralded by the media as the holiday hub. Swakopmund has become more vibrant in every possible way and we have embraced the change, we invite you to do the same.”Tiger-Reef-Beach-Bar-Swakopmund

Talking specifically about change, not only in the coastal town of Swakopmund but also in one’s personal life, Xenia notes that “Swakopmund is embracing her history, because without a past there is no way to build character … shedding the “old skin” in order to grow and develop, is an enlightening experience. Isn’t that what life is all about? We certainly welcome more visitors to plan their travels around Swakopmund, come and enjoy the mild weather, the beautiful coastline, the magnificent platinum coloured dunes and her unique character and leave with a special kind of love in your heart that only this little gem can give you.”

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