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Walvis Bay resident, Adelaine Bruwer is proving that vision and passion are what you need to make a business great. Adelaine’s business in Walvis Bay, the Belgian Chocolatique, is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the sweet arena and a regular favourite for both Namibians and visitors to Namibia. 99FM’s MYD Smart, spoke to this business owner to find out how she has managed to grow into the chocolate business of choice.

Choco 199FM’s MYD Smart asked :
Tell us about your business? 

“It is the most wonderful business to be in, making chocolate every day, tasting it every day and only having lots of happy customers coming in all the time, smiling because of the most wonderful smell of chocolate, and smiling even more when they’re leaving after tasting the very best chocolate they’ve ever experienced.”

How did you get into the business of chocolate?

“It happened after having a dream in 2011.  I was experiencing My Heavenly Father taking me by hand and telling me : My Precious Daughter, let me show you, you’re going to make chocolate.  I was accompanied by SB 1Him, going through a chocolate factory where He was showing me everything that I’m going to do.  It was the most wonderful experience of my life, which cannot really be described in words.  After a couple of months, I started doing market research for the need of chocolate in Namibia.  I discovered that there is indeed a huge need for good quality chocolate in Namibia, especially because of so many tourists visiting Namibia all the time.  Two years later I’ve visited a chocolate factory in Franschhoek, Cape Town where Iwent for training.  I did the training in July 2013 and the business was officially opened in November 2013.”

What has the journey been like for you in opening up this business?
“It was a wonderful journey, but definitely also the most difficult time in my life where I’ve been working very hard, spent very little time with my husband and two precious little boys, but I’m very fortunate to have the best Choco 2husband in the world who is understanding and supportive.  One doesn’t realise how much hard work goes into making chocolate.  It is very labour intensive and you have to do a lot of training in other skills besides from making chocolate.  You have to be very ‘perfectionistic’ to make sure that you always have the best quality products to offer to your clients.  Although it hasn’t been the easiest two years of my life, it was definitely worthwhile and I’ve learned a lot and keep on learning almost every day.”

What has been your biggest obstacle to overcome in this business?

“The most challenging factor is getting people who are serious about their job, determined to make a success in life and work to the best of their ability every day.”

SB 2What advice do you have for Namibian entrepreneurs?

“If you are passionate about what you are doing, work really hard, you will definitely succeed.”

How important do you think it is as a business owner, to know yourself?

“It’s very important because if you know yourself, your strong and weak points, you know where to make changes or where you need to do things differently to make a success. In the business world you need to concentrate on your strong points and use there to your advantage in your business.”

AdelaineWhere can we find your chocolates?

“We are based in Walvis Bay at 204, c/o Sam Nujoma Ave & 16th Road.  We also have a shop in Swakopmund at the centre of town at Stadtmitte, shop 14.”

“Another shop will be opening soon, 1st of July 2016, at the new Airport building in Walvis Bay.”

“In Windhoek our products are available at:
–          Chocolate Dreamz, Grove Mall
–          Manrico, Southern Industrial Area
–          Marua Super Spar, Marua Mall
–          Craft Café, 40 Talstreet”

Or you could get in touch with Adelaine Bruwer from the Belgian Chocolatique via their website by clicking here : Belgian Chocolatique