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How Our Beliefs Mould Our Experience

As we took a look at what it means to know yourself, we uncovered how much our beliefs about life can mould our experience. To find out to what extent our experiences are being moulded by our beliefs and what we can do about these beliefs if they are not supportive of our lives, 99FM’s MYD Heart spoke to business engagement expert and inspirational speaker, Lynne Fraser.

99FM’s MYD Heart asked:
How do our beliefs mould our experience?

“There are universal laws that govern our existence on earth.  One of them is the Law of Belief and this law works as follows:  What you believe becomes your reality.  When people say in reality they are actually talking about their reality.  We all live similar realities however what is real for one is not always real for another.  Therefore, whatever your beliefs are about yourself or how the world works will be delivered to you.”

Why is it important to know what your beliefs are?

“Consider the following; if you believe you can or if you believe you can’t, either way you are right.  What you believe becomes your reality.  It’s that simple.  If we do not delve into our beliefs and question them, we will not understand what is holding us back or why we are unable to achieve the results we are looking for.  It is vital to our growth and development to challenge the beliefs.”

HB 2“Most of us don’t take the time to look into what we believe.  The majority of our beliefs have been handed down from generation to generation, not to mention the influence of television and internet.  We take them on without question and they are held in our subconscious.”

“Now, understanding that our subconscious mind lies below our conscious state of mind, we see that we are not aware of what is actually guiding our choices, behaviours and attitude.  This ultimately leads us to poor decision making as we are unaware of whether they actually benefit and support our lives and the times we live in.”

How does a person know what their self-beliefs are?

“Our self-beliefs are the beliefs we hold aHB 3bout ourselves.  If we think of the things we have been told about ourselves; who we should be, how we should behave, what role we should play, we begin to understand that if we are not living up to those standards and ways then we are failing.  To discover what you believe about yourself begins with one simple question…  Who am I?”

Can you give us a practical exercise or process that will help us to start to question our own beliefs?

“Take a pen and paper and ask yourself the following question :  What do I believe about….(you, the situation you are facing etc.)  Now write down your first thoughts that come to mind.  Once you have answered the first question, go deeper by asking yourself what you believe about what you have written.  As you continue to delve deeper and deeper by asking the question again and again, you will quickly uncover the beliefs that you are holding.”

HB 1How can knowing and challenging our self-beliefs start a process of self-love?

“Once you have gained insight into your core beliefs about yourself, you will need to consider if they are in support of you loving the person you are.  We are all responsible for the level of love we have for ourselves and the work that needs to be done to recognise that you are your greatest asset.  If they are limiting you, you have the ability to re-write the belief and begin to program the new and improved belief into your subconscious mind.  Remember your subconscious mind is your human database.  We are able to overwrite the programmes by repeating the new belief over and over again.  If you continue to repeat the new belief every day for 21 days, you will begin to see how you and your world starts to change.  This is our responsibility.  We can no longer renege on the work it takes to ensure our beliefs enhance our life.   Make it your number one priority.  Self-mastery is the greatest gift we give to ourselves and the world we live in.”

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