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The Art of Doing and Not Worrying

“We actually started off as a theatre group way back in 1999 but fell in love with filming and this art form.”

Hailing from Arandis in the Erongo Region, one film company has overcome incredible odds to today be not only an award winning film and music video making company, not only currently working on a television series, but also be a company of friends that have been making magic together for years.

99FM’s MYD Art sat down with the team of Desert Film Productions to find out how they have achieved their winning formula.

99FM’s MYD Art asked :
 Tell us about Desert Films?

“Desert Films is a local film company that specializes in films, adverts, corporate videos and music videos. We have had quite a few achievements with our company, most notably was being recognized or regarded as one of the most established film companies in Namibia considering we have clients from Angola coming to Namibia to come work with us. We have also won the viewers choice award at the Wild Cinema Film Awards with our film “Tate Penda” in 2007 and of course there is the award for the best music video award at the Nama Awards in 2013”

What made you want to start a film production company?
“We actually started off as a theatre group way back in 1999 but fell in love with filming  and this art form. In 2001 we shot our first film and we haven’t looked back ever since”

What have been some of the hardest moments in the life of your company?
“The hardest moments we had to endure as a company was settling in Windhoek as a young company originating from a small town in the coast, jobs didn’t come easily. We had to hunt for clients just to be noticed and to advertise ourselves, We had to charge below the standard rates just to get our work out there for the people to see.”

How did you overcome worries in your business?
“Worry is common  in any business and also in our personal lives. In business you must have hope and most importantly faith to deal with what’s in front of you today. All you can do is the best you can do today. At desert films we try to put in enough effort today and not to worry about tomorrow, knowing that God always provides.”

What are the biggest worries for a company in the arts arena in Namibia?
“That has to be funding. There is very little or no funding at all when it comes to film projects. This can be a big worry because without funding from the private sectors it will always be a struggle for independent film makers to continue with their art.”

What inspires you to keep making films and videos?
“The passion and love for film making. The talent in Namibia, there are many ways that we as young people can uplift the film industry in the country. And also what inspires us is the industry that is getting bigger and bigger everyday.”

What advice do you have to aspiring film makers about following your dreams?
“Never stop learning. Always listen and lastly, do it for the love of filming and not the money.”

If you’d like to see some of the work done by Desert Film Productions, take a look at this youtube video  Desert Film Work or like their Facebook page Desert Film Productions.

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