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The MYD Show – I Am Free To Be Me

You have the freedom to be your authentic self, but to do this you need to know who you are. It is with this knowing that you are able to turn weaknesses into strengths and overcome obstacles to live a life of freedom and expression.

This week on MYD we took a look at the wisdom that lies within and how knowing yourself is the key to uncovering this wisdom. After all you are free to be you.

We were joined in studio by George Longane, a well-known Musician from South Africa who now lives in Namibia with his Namibian wife. George used to be a member of Dr Victor and The Rasta Rebels and has shared the stage with many big name international stars such as Tina Turner and Janet Jackson. George shared with us how the music industry showed him the power that comes from being true to yourself.

We were also joined in studio by Namibian Clinical Psychologist, Ute Sinkala, who shared with us how our developmental stages have a major impact on who we are and how knowing how we have been influenced helps us to identify whether our influencers were positive or not.

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