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The Sight to See Heroism

“A starving person’s hero is someone who helps them by giving them food. That is how we can all be heroes”

Having been awarded the first United Nations Nelson Mandela Prize in June 2015, Dr. Helena Ndume is a Namibian hero for the work she does so selflessly. Dr. Ndume has to date ensured that some 30,000 blind Namibians received eye surgery and are fitted with intra-ocular lens implants free of charge.

99FM’s MYD Heart sat down with Dr. Ndume, the head of the Ophthalmology department at Windhoek Central Hospital, to talk about eye health.

 What is the best thing a person can do for the health of their eyes?

“Regular eye tests and check-ups are the single most important thing you can do for the health of your eyes”

What is the most damaging thing that Namibians do that affects the health of their eyes?

“Drinking excessively as this often leads to fighting. Fighting and the damage from beer bottles and knives are often the reason why Namibians lose their eyes”

Does a person’s diet effect the health of their eyes?

“Yes. A diet high in processed foods, junk foods and sugars can pre-dispose a person to diabetes and this leads to damage to the eyes.”

What is the most beneficial food for the health of your eyes?

“A healthy balanced diet is the best thing you can do for your eyes but the one food that is the best for the eyes is as the saying goes, carrots”

What do you think makes a hero?

“I would say that a hero is someone who has done something in the life of another and that is why there are so many heroes around.”

For more of Dr. Helena Ndume’s wisdom, be sure to tune into the MYD Show on Wednesday at 7pm where Dr. Ndume will share more of the story of her life with us.