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Trusting Yourself

“Trusting in yourself makes your day lighter – no matter what you experience during your day, you remain firm in your resolve about yourself, and your life”

Written by Nabukenya Muwonge, Life Coach and Public Speaker

Trust, is that absolute confidence or unshakeable belief you place in something or someone. A classic example is the trust we place in those closest to us, such as a romantic partner; or the trust a child places in you when they go to hold your hand. Children have a very innocent and childlike trust of everyone and everything. To see things through the eyes of a child – you do not hesitate to venture out into the world wherever your feet take you. No situation or day requires planning or careful thought because no harm will come to you. This is trust – that firm knowledge that you are okay and life is okay.

Trusting yourself, means that you have that confidence and faith in yourself – your abilities, your intentions, your dreams, your desires, your plans, your actions and ultimately, what you deserve for yourself.

If our trust in ourselves is unsteady – then we will always feel insecure, because everyday life with its usual obstacles will shake us. Developing that trust in yourself comes from exploring yourself, getting to know yourself and then trusting the awareness that comes from learning yourself. From the time we are born, we receive messages about ourselves. Some of these messages are affirming and build our self-confidence, whilst others are destructive and can shake our self-confidence. Knowing and trusting in yourself enables you to remain confident in (your belief) in yourself no matter what you might hear from outside.

Learning to trust myself was a journey that began and continues in those quiet reflective moments, with help from teachers, role models and my faith. Prioritizing time to reflect on my life as often as possible has helped me to learn to value and trust myself.

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