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The Value You Start a New Year With

“Not knowing how to achieve something does not make it an excuse not to achieve it.”

What values are you taking with you into the New Year? The new year is a time for reflection as to what is it you want to achieve in this brand new canvas stretched out in front of you. As such, 99FM’s MYD Heart spoke to Industrial Psychologist; Ndilimeke Nambinga to find out how to select the best values that will bring you the best reward this year.

How to select the best values for you in the New Year by Ndilimeke Nambinga

When setting values in your life you need to think of what motivates you. I always say, a goal worth setting is worth setting right now. Also, always remember to set goals that are linked to a deep seated desire within you and not a temporary enthusiastic movement otherwise you will set yourself up for failure.

When setting goals do not be defined by your weakest moments, we should rather look to our moments of greatest strength to define what we will do with our lives. Know when a goal is truly worth it. Take time to consider what you want regarding Happiness, Health, Success, Wealth, Giving and Growth, and have an expectation and have hope.

Always keep it simple and Smart, like the SMART way to set goals as below:

S- Specified : Not vague or general
M- Measurable : Look at dates and amounts,
A- Attainable : Have hope and know it’s possible
R- Relevant : To your life
T- Time bound : Have deadlines so you can celebrate success

Break it down and write out an Action plan and or to do list. Have a motto that will keep you motivate throughout the year e.g. ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Keep it simple and catchy to remember during rainy days. Stick to it no matter what happens and review and build reminders to keep on track.

Most importantly, remember that not knowing how to achieve something does not make it an excuse not to achieve it.