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Tools on Balancing your Emotions with Dr Elga Drews

Kirsty Watermeyer chats to Dr Elga Drews in this enlightening throwback episode of MYD Heart. 

A registered chiropractor, homeopath and demartini facilitator, Dr Elga Drews is also a life coach who helps people heal by using the Demartini method.

In this edition of MYD Tools, she shares a few tools on balancing your emotions by tuning out any noise that does not add to your life experience as well as asking quality questions.

“I do a specific course that’s called ‘Balance Your Emotions’, and balancing your emotions actually is all about asking quality questions in your life,” she says. 

This, she says, can be done by changing one’s perception or outlook on life, a certain situation, or certain person.

“Automatically, your emotions will change and you will stop having the brain noise in your head that will keep you awake and actually stop your immune system from functioning adequately.”

When you successfully do this, she says, the quality of life improves. “It truly depends on the quality questions that you ask yourself, and the quality questions are never,” she advises.

Quality questions to ask yourself instead of “Why did this happen to me?”:

  • How does this serve me?
  • Where’s the benefit in this for me?
  • How can I use this to my advantage?

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