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Understanding the Relationship Essentials with MYD at Inspiration Tables

Come and join us on Friday, 31 August at 6pm and be a part of the live studio audience. Kirsty will sit down with Clinical Psychologist, Heidi Burmeister Nel.

Heidi will be sharing real relationship talk and skills for healthy romantic relationships. This is the information that can help to improve (or even save) your relationship, though understanding the common mistakes we make and knowing how change these.

See what Heidi is shared with us in the past on connection and independence in relationships here: /connection-independence-lie-relationships/

DO I NEED A TICKET: You do not need a ticket to attend the recording – all you need is your entrance ticket to Inspiration Tables & we have 50 seats on a first come first serve basis.

WHAT IS INSPIRATION TABLES: Inspiration Tables 2018 is Namibia’s premier lifestyle exhibition enabling visitors to experience true artistry through design and the creation processes of non-mass production of items and or services and artistry in all its forms be it design, craft, hobby patenting, service delivery of goods and services, be it edible, art, domestic or corporate in use, graphic or musical in form. Follow them on facebook for all the updates.

WHEN: Friday 31 August  = N$ 150 – Includes entrance to Inspiration Tables, Bloggers Hang & Shows by Namibian musos and Ben Dey and The Concrete Lions.

WHERE: Inspiration Table 2018, Windhoek Show Grounds

TICKETS: N$150 includes Inspiration Tables entrance.  Get tickets at webtickets.com.na  or at select Pick n Pay Namibia stores.