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Afrospection with Charine Glen-Spyron

Clinical Psychologist, Founder and CEO ofBel Esprit, the new Namibian mental health clinic, Charine Glen-Spyron shares here her learnings and lessons from the past year, her self examination from Africa… her Afrospection.

Looking Back…

Q: How would you describe your 2017?

A: 2017 has been a year filled with challenges and blessings. The year started with my dreams, and slowly progeessed to becoming reality. I have been lucky to meet and work with amazing people, I grew and learned every step of the way and found a new balance in my life.

Q: What was something good that came out of 2017?

A: My long term dream started to become my reality. And this was/is a blessing beyond words.

Q: What challenged you in 2017 and how did you overcome this challenge? 

A: I had to learn that not everything in life works at the same pace you would like it to. We started a building project and unfortunately run a bit over the initial completion date. Initially it frustrated me, but eventually I managed to keep focused by completing tasks which I could without the building being completed. In doing so, many administrative issues were resolved and much needed policies were developed and put in place. The extra time in the end proved to be vital for the success and operations of the facility. The time also allowed the Bel Esprit team to grow and learn together, and employees from different departments, whom would have never worked closely in the facility had opportunity to get to know each other personally. When we change our perspective on a situation, new opportunities show themselves.

Q: What was your favourite Art in 2017? 
A: The amimation movie : Trolls. I loved the beautiful message that happiness comes from within. It is such a simplistic message, yet it is one of the most powerful messages we can give our chidren. Don’t rely on others for happiness, find it within yourself…

Q: What was your biggest health and wellness learning of 2017?

A: As part of our weekly program our Alternative Therapist did yoga twice a week for all the employees. Those two short sessions did wonders fot both the team morale and personal firness of everyone whom attended. Even though it was as little as 90 minutes a week, doing regular exercise does make a difference to your body and mind.

Q: What was your biggest personal development learning of 2017?

A: With Mental Health being so new to the country and an unknown industry, I faced a lot of challenges. This forced me to think on my feet in ad-hoc situations and be creative. It was also a huge growth point when I was able to let go and delegate responsibility to team members. I am blessed though, as I have fantastic, enthusiastic, like minded people working with me.

As for the Holidays…

Q: What is your favourite food in December?

A: Braaivleis…

Q: What is your favourite Namibian destination?

A: Swakopmund.

Q: What book should we all be reading?

A: With so many great books out there it is hard to choose, but anything that allows you to drift into the narrative…

Q: Where do you find your inspiration?

A: From everyday people who face the difficulties in their lives, and challenge the controversies of what they should or should not be able to do. People are magnificent when it comes to resilience and overcoming adversity.

Looking Ahead…

Q: What is your mantra for life?

A: Take the risk, accept the challenge, because even if you fail, you can always look back and say : at least I tried.

Q: What is your wish for the world for 2018?

A: Because I’m passionate about Mental Health, my wish for 2018 would be for the world to embrace Mental Health the same way we embrace any other human condition. The world and Namibia needs to move from a “them” mentality to a “us” when we talk about Mental Health.

Q: What is your wish for Namibia for 2018?

A: As mentioned above, break the stigma of Mental Health, don’t push people away because you don’t understand Mental Health, rather educate yourself and reach out.

Q: What is your wellness goal for 2018?

A: To live a balanced life…