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Coming Alive in a Space

“Where there’s passion all your activities are effortless.”

In Windhoek, the “It” venue in town is Chopsi’s Bar. Situated in the Old Breweries Complex in the city centre, you’ll find this bar bubbling with vibe, excitement and an eclectic mix of Windhoek locals and visitors from afar. A dream that has long been in the pipeline, the owner of Chopsi’s, Tshoopara Johannes, more affectionately known as Chops sat down with 99FM’s MYD Smart to talk about following your dreams and starting the business that makes you come alive.

99FM’s MYD Smart asked:
Why did you start Chopsi’s?

“Starting Chopsi’s was a natural progression from Liquid Events bar specialists for outdoor events and corporate functions focusing solely on the bar aspect of events. It was always in the pipeline to create our own training venue that will allow us to fine tune our skills in service and bartending.”

How long did the project take?

“The concept was brought to life 2 years ago, leaving time for my team to fine tune our objectives and plan our strategy to becoming a brand that is trusted and a team who believe in creativity, professionalism and passion. ”

What has been some of the hardest learning’s in starting your own business?

“Not everything is as it seems and you need to take control. In saying so, there also comes a time where you cannot focus on all small aspects but rather allow them to develop whilst keeping careful focus on the bigger picture. ”

Why is it important as a business owner to do what you love?

“Where there’s passion all your activities are effortless.”

Does owning your own business makes you feel alive?

“Oh yes definitely because while you manage daily operations, you also have in the back of your mind the fantastic initiatives you have planned for your staff and offering weekly incentives to my team makes me feel like we are making progress together.”

What can we expect in the future from your bar?

“I’m currently working on my recruitment policy. By doing so, I focus on getting the right attitudes and developing my team for skill. My next big initiative is to send my team members overseas to give them the exposure needed to become more dynamic industry professionals and help them develop personal transferable skills whilst they also focus on their education and their own career paths.”

For more information, check out Chopsi’s Bar on Facebook : Chopsi’s

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