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Namibia Makes You Come Alive

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure some of them are dirt.”

A feature in Travel News Namibia titled Wanderlust has been growing in popularity amongst Namibians as it showcases the beautiful holiday locations spread across Namibia that are very affordable, assessable and essential destinations.

99FM’s MYD Earth sat down with the writer of the series and avid Namibian travel fundi, Elzanne Erasmus  to understand why we should all adopt a little ‘wanderlust’.

99FM’s MYD Earth asked:

What is the most surprising thing about Namibia you found along the journey for your Wanderlust series?

“I think this is most certainly the people I have met along my travels. In every corner of the country I have met someone who fuelled my love for the land. From school kids in Rundu, tour guides at Twyvelfontein to Herero-women selling crafts next to a dust road outside Ozondati. There was one thing all these individuals had in common, irrespective of their age, culture or location, they love Namibia and they have a full understanding of the importance of preserving it. Each one explained to me that for their community to survive they need tourism to thrive and taking pride in that is what drives them. Raymond, a guide at Twyvelfontein refused to tell me where I could see rhinos, for all he knew I might be a poacher and it was his job to protect them. Henriette, selling her crafts by the side of the road, wore full traditional Herero dress, despite it being 38C. Toivo, our skipper on the Okavango River, new the name of every single bird we spotted and taught me more than any book could. Each had something to add to my experience. Each made me love this country even more.”

What about travelling in Namibia makes a person come alive?

“Each person has a different spark that fuels their fire. I have been lucky to find that curiosity is mine. And it is this curiosity that led me down Namibia’s dust roads. Curiosity, and a group of like-minded friends. That’s what Generation Wanderlust is all about. The spark that urges a group of young Namibians, that love their country and want to explore it, to set off and travel about. Meeting people along the way that inspire you, seeing sites that fill your heart to the brim with pride and wonder. Every inch of our country is covered with these sparks of “awesome”. You may think that a night out with friends in town, laughing and having a “jol”, is fun and makes you feel alive, but you haven’t lived until you’ve experienced that exact moment while sitting on top of Big Daddy in Sossusvlei, or lazing in the rapids of the Popa Falls in the Okavango River, or following a desert elephant as meanders down the Ugab River. Namibia’s beauty, its awe-inspiring people and wildlife and the epic moments you’ll create on your travels, that’s what makes you come alive.”

Why do you think it’s important for Namibians to explore their country?

“We live in a wonderfully dynamic country. Every area of Namibia offers new treasures that are yet to be explored by so many of its citizens. I believe it is a common misconception that travelling Namibia is reserved for the foreign tourist with his shiny VISA card and extra-long camera lens. There is so much wonder for Namibians to see, explore and experience, and we’re lucky, because it’s right on our doorstep. What I love most about my countrymen is their pride and spirit. We love being called Namibians and we never miss an opportunity to shout it from the rooftops, and it is this pride that should inspire Namibians to explore their own country. If they think they are proudly Namlish now, they will be dumbfounded to discover how much more beauty and wonder there is to fall in love with once they start this journey.”

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