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What to Eat to Start Your Day Right

The foundation is laid for the day ahead in the way we start it, and according to Namibian Nutrition & Dietetic Consultant, Samantha du Toit, ‘nutrition is important all day long but the morning is the time to top up your energy levels after you’ve hopefully been sleeping for eight hours which means you’ve been fasting through those eight hours and so you need a bit of a kick start. Your metabolism needs a kick start and you need to top up your energy levels because while it is possible to function without eating in the morning, you won’t be functioning optimally and skipping breakfast will put extra strain on your body as it tries to run on empty.’

With a myriad of opinions on what is the right way to start the day in terms of nutrition, 99FM’s MYD Heart spoke to Samantha du Toit of Eat Clean Namibia, to get clarity on how to ensure our bodies get the right fuel to start. According to Samantha, ‘it is good to start your day with a bigger portion but it is important to consider what this consists of. Energy levels decrease as the day goes on and we need less and less energy, but to start off with we need a boost.’

‘For our clients that do not enjoy a big breakfast we advise to at least have fruit. Fruit is an excellent choice to start the day with because it’s a food type we don’t often get to during the day. If not fruit then fibre. We as Namibians tend to get enough protein during the day so we don’t need to necessarily start with protein but if you are going to start with protein, one or two eggs is enough.’

Samantha explains that breakfast smoothies are an option high in nutrients but that they are not the go to option if you want to lose weight unless you make them yourself at home where you can regulate the contents you use. She explains, ‘If someone is a little bit overweight, smoothies are a bad idea because they are what we call processed, so it’s easier for the body to take up the nutrients and so it gives you a blood sugar spike and then drops again and this is not good for weight regulation.’

PosterExplaining her advice on fruit or fibre as the right way to start your day, Samantha notes that regarding fibre ‘oats is the best porridge you can get but look for cereals that are minimally processed and without too many additives like sugar, salt or colourants. Vegetables are also an excellent breakfast fibre source. So a veggie juice or stir fried vegetables are both great.’

Regarding fruit, Samantha explains, ‘we need a lot of yellow and orange fruits in our diet, such as pawpaw, mango, citrus fruit. What’s interesting about fruits and vegetables is that every different colour has their specific nutrient that they are high in. You actually can’t go wrong when you choose fruit, just try to get a variety in the week.’

Samantha also notes to ‘be in tune with your body and if you are hungry, eat something. If you find you get hungry soon after eating fruit then combine your fruit with a little bit of yoghurt to stay fuller for longer.’

Eat Clean Namibia advocates for balance and variety in your diet, ‘Variety is very important. Too much of one thing, even if its salmon or blueberries, is not a good idea. You still need to vary your intake as much as possible. A food diary is an excellent way to see where your food intake may be out of balance, to make yourself aware of what you are actually putting into your mouth, to see what your personal trends are and where you could be missing out.’

Balance is key. While there is truth in the saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away, your apple won’t be effective if you spend the rest of the day consuming unhealthy food and being a bundle of stress.

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