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Exciting Namibian Artists to Watch

To practice is to learn and learning is ultimately how we succeed at anything. A new exhibition at the National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN), is about to open that will showcase up and coming Namibian artistic talent that has been moulded through learning.

rainbowThe College of the Arts (COTA) Visual Arts Department have become known for producing some of Namibia’s most exciting artists to watch. Now, the annual New Beginnings exhibition, hosted at the NAGN, is about to open. This exhibition is a showcase of the graduates from the COTA Visual Arts Department. A selection of the best of their work, artists from diverse backgrounds united in art.

99FM’s MYD Art spoke to one of the curators at the NAGN, Helen Harris, about what we can expect to see. “There is a good chance that these artists will be Namibia’s next great artists. We had a lot of graduates for this exhibition, it was a really strong year.” Says Helen

“The New Beginnings exhibition is a very open exhibition, with many different styles because each artist has their own core way. It means an eclectic and varied exhibition. The art coming out of the College is often very experimental, with space to explore concepts and ideas. This year there is a very nice relaxed relationship with the materials.”

“We have a mix of new comers and established artists in this exhibition. We have artists such as Ismael Shivute, who had a solo exhibition with us at the NAGN last year.”

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elisia“We also have Elisia Nghidishange, an amazingly skilled potter and sculptor, whose work speaks about tradition and how it fits into contemporary society. Elisia will also be doing a performance on opening night.”

“Then we have Sem Amuthitu whose focus is on alcohol abuse. I find his work so interesting because while he is against alcohol abuse and it is a huge problem in Namibia, there is also an out of control joyfulness in each piece, which to me shows a lot of empathy. Often works that deal with social issues portray all of the evils of the issue, but in Sem’s work he has tried to capture what it is to be in that state. They are not necessarily easy to look at but there is a lot of truth in them, without judgement.”

Margareth Twamoneni who bases her work on personal narratives according to Helen, “With Margareth you can see that letting go, a lack of self consciousness and this really comes out in the work.”

Many more exciting Namibian artists to watch await you at the New Beginnings 2017 exhibition at the National Art Gallery of Namibia which is opening on Thursday 26 January at 6pm and will stay up until 11 March 2017. There you’ll find work by Laimi Mbangula, Innovandu Katuuo, Jeremiah Haihambo, Sidney Lamberth, Viola Rantsch,Vaughn Riekert, Gerson Ndongo, Johannes Heroin and more.