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Five reasons why you should be getting more sunlight


We’re all spending more time indoors and a negative consequence of that is not getting enough sunlight. While too much sunlight is definitely not healthy (given the risks that harmful rays have on our skin, too little sunlight has equally harmful consequences.


These are the reasons why you should be getting more sunlight today:

– Sunlight activates the body’s production of Vitamin D which guards the body against inflammation, guards against cancer, heart disease, etc.

– At least 10 to 15 minutes of sunlight daily is said to improve general wellbeing

– Struggling with depression? One of the natural remedies you may be overlooking is right outside your doorstep. A 2013 Forbes report cites exposure sunlight is said to have a great impact on depression and 

– Sunlight is said to also have a great impact on the quality of sleep. 

– For those who are trying to lose some excess weight, adding more sunlight to your life is said to promote weight loss. According to studies, serotonin that the sun allows the body to produce has been proven to reduce appetite.


So what are you waiting for, go outside and soak in some sunlight for improved health!