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Four More Reasons to Love Massage

As though anyone needed any more reasons to love massage, it’s been proven that the power of touch boasts many health benefits and whats more, is said to be as beneficial for the giver as it is for the receiver. Considering that a lifestyle void of movement is listed as a major cause of ill health, it is good to know that there is a practice that offers more than the expected feel-good effect. That practice is massage, and science is showing that the benefits of a good rubdown run deep.

While there are many health and wellbeing benefits of massage, here are a list of four benefits that could act as encouragement to book a massage appointment today, or to persuade your loved ones to be more forthcoming with their healing power of touch.

Four Health Benefits of Massage:

Balancing The Sitting Effect

Disturbing facts about sitting for more than six hours a day, include the fact that by doing so, you have greatly increased your risk of heart disease. 99FM’s MYD Heart article, Why You Should Do a Walking Meeting, says that ”[T]he average person sits around 9.3 hours every day.” The list of negative health affects associated with sitting is long, and includes things like organ damage and damage to our spine. While it is unclear if the damage done by sitting too much can fully be undone, there are things that can balance it’s negative effect. Massage is one of those things that can the negative effects of too much sitting. Scheduling a regular massage is one of the steps in saying good-bye to the sitting guilt that comes with a desk job.

“Body massage is one of the most effective treatment for muscle pain, releasing dis-comfort and spasms.”

Pain Relief that Beats Pill Popping

Sister Shivute is a Namibian Nurse who owns Charisma Clinic, in Windhoek, which offers massage. According to Sister Shivute, “Body massage is one of the most effective treatment for muscle pain, releasing dis-comfort and spasms. It increases blood circulation, it relaxes the muscles and it improves movement and flexibility.”

The Sister explains that massage has also been found to promote tissue generation and a reduction of inflammation and swelling, but more than this, massage is an extremely effective pain medication. One International study, published on Harvard Health, found that patients who received an hour-long massage weekly for 10 weeks have a 40% reduction in pain sensations compared to just 4% in a control group treated using anti-inflammatory medication.

Blood Pressure Reduction Benefits

“Research found that people who had at least ten minutes of back massage three times week, their blood pressure was lower than the people who didn’t do the massage.” Explains Sister Shivute referring a study that found that women with prehypertension who received massage for 10 to 15 minutes three times a week saw a huge drop in their blood pressure (BP), a drop which lasted a few days after being massaged. The conclusion of that study stated that “[M]assage therapy was a safe, effective, applicable and cost-effective intervention in controlling BP of the pre-hypertension women and it can be used in the health care centres and even at home.”

“Massage can promote sleep, improve the mood, and treat anxiety.”

A Sound Night’s Sleep

Problems sleeping can be seen in many corners of a person’s health and wellbeing. Thankfully, massage is a great solution here too. Research has shown a great improvement in quality of sleep post massage. Just 30-minutes twice a week has been shown to greatly reduce sleep disturbances.

“Massage can promote sleep, improve the mood, and treat anxiety.” Notes Sister Shivute, who adds, “Whether you need a moment of relaxation or you want to reduce your muscle tension, or get relief from chronic pain, massage can enhance your overall sense of emotional and physical wellbeing.”

For more benefits of massage, take a look at the Ted Talk, The Power of Touch by Jane Anderson, here:

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Written by Kirsty Watermeyer