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A gap was noticed. A space between a budding Namibian creative industry, that has nurtured artistic talents, and it’s clientele, a market hungry for artisan products and services. It was a stroke of inspiration to bring these two together at one table, a platform for interaction.

The platform, Inspiration Tables, is a two-day event scheduled for the 15th – 16th September 2017. “We want to create a platform for people to bring something to the table that has not been seen before, not been tasted before, not been heard before, not touched before.” Says Frans Van Wyk, part of a team of five Namibians with strengths in various fields that have come together to host Inspiration Tables 2017.

Creating a platform for all facets of creativity and an opportunity to purchase artisan craft, Frans explains that the items you’ll find exhibited at Inspiration Tables are part of the ‘made with passion movement’ and as such, it is art on display. Frans is the Founder and CEO of Tamonika Events. He’s explaining the vision of Inspiration Tables at the premises of Tamonika Events, with another member of the organising committee and one half of the two woman team behind the Windhoek City Market, Bernice van Staden. Bernice notes that this event is about delivering to the public the much sought after ‘Imperfect perfection’ that makes up artisan items and trends.

“If we think Namibian celebrities we always think people that sing, but what about the people that sculpt, the people that paint, the people that cook, and the people that do amazing things which we don’t know of?” Says Frans who goes on to say that, “When we created the platform, we wanted people to feel proud to have a piece of Elke [LeRoux] hanging on their wall, for example. To have this beautiful designed element that was hand made, and it took many hours. We don’t worry about perfection, give us your attitude, and give us your personality. Because a loaf of bread doesn’t need to be a loaf of bread, the idea should be, let me teach you the art of bread baking. It’s about the journey.”

An event that aims to celebrate the process of creating, and to demonstrate what this means Frans uses the example of Herman Lensing, who is the Editor of Sarie Kos, the Author of four books, as well as a Radio and Television Presenter. In 2009 Herman became the youngest food editor Sarie has ever had. “Herman Lensing, at twenty one years old gets phoned up by Sarie magazine. At twenty-one years old you are a rookie ‘par excellence’ and he gets his dream job. And what does he do? He creates craziness from his roots, he took ‘huiskos’ and made it cuisine, and then it built on that, and people are living his vision.”

With the strictest standards to become an exhibitor at Inspiration Tables 2017, Frans and Bernice note that they turned exhibitors away if their products or services weren’t up to standard, with advice for how to improve and create the sought after item for next years Inspiration Tables.

As far as what to expect from this years event, Bernice notes that in addition to carefully curated exhibitors, there will be sixteen shows over the two days, where artists will be showcasing Culinary and Fashion trends and movements. Some of the South African guests who will be hosting shows include Jackie Burger, the retired Editor in Chief of Elle Magazine South Africa, Herman Lensing, the Editor of Sarie Food.

In addition to the shows, the exhibition promises the best in Namibian artisan experiences, “We don’t see tables as tables, we saw tables as stages.” Explains Frans.

When asked what they hope the public will walk away from after attending this diverse collection of artisan creativity, Bernice notes that they want people “To be inspired.” Frans adds that they also hope to inspire more Namibians to want to join in the artisan, hand crafted movement “to say, I can do what that woman does, four times better and I’ll come and show her next year. I’ll be back. To get away from thinking, ‘I’m an eight to five worker with no other income probability’. Maybe you are the most amazing chef at home, or the most amazing sculptor or the most amazing do-it-yourselfer. That’s the message. Create it. Find your inspiration.”


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Written by Kirsty Watermeyer