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The MYD Show – Celebrating Courage with Sascha Olivier Sampson

Namibian born Sascha Olivier Sampson, is a Belly Dancer and owner of the Moon Goddess Dance Studio. Sascha is also a Lecturer in Performing Arts at the University of Namibia and the founder of Shimmy for Shelter, an annual dance extravaganza that raises money for animal welfare.

“If there is something that really speaks true to your heart, you find your way back to it, for me that was what dance is.”

Sascha has always known that dance was her calling, but crafting a career from dance, wasn’t easy. Despite the difficulties she persevered and this year was awarded Namibian colours for dance and selected to represent Namibia at the World Championships of Performing Arts.

“It’s a bit surreal actually. It is huge for me and also since dance was recently declared a sport in Namibia we also get National colours for our country, so it’s incredible and I feel very proud.”

Take a listen to the MYD Show, Celebrating Courage with Sascha Olivier Sampson, here :