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The MYD Show – A Mind of My Own with Jackie Burger

Still in our series, A Mind of My Own, in this episode of the MYD Show we talk about how being true to yourself is the ultimate style with the help of style icon, Jackie Burger.

“It was really the serendipity of life perhaps a little bit, or not even a little bit, a lot of ignorance. I think my perspective in life although I only understand it now, later in my life, was one of curiosity, one of taking risks. My parents would describe me as extremely stubborn and the maverick, so it was quite difficult growing up like that, because I was the outsider, the one with a different opinion, the one that doesn’t fit the norm, that kind of thing. I think for me, I was never satisfied with what was available to me. I always had this inkling that there’s something different and I also always wanted to explore that avenue.”

Jackie Burger is the previous editor of Elle Magazine and the owner of Salon58.  She has won numerous awards, is a curator for the Design Indaba a member of the South African Fashion Council.

“It’s very, very important to have gratitude and to stop and to evaluate… some of the things that really stand out for me is when I was Editor at Elle, I had the platform to launch a project such as the Elle New Talent concept. The whole idea for me was to look at South Africa, to look at the youth, to look at the fact that fashion, design and expression is something very key to African culture and that in the global world of fashion and design, Africa was still struggling to find a unique narrative and a unique expression and a unique voice, so we then sat down and developed platforms for design, style reporters and avenues for young people to find their voice, to find an expression that’s very much an expression of Africa and through the competition, to have the opportunity and the license to harness that and to exercise it.”

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