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The MYD Show – Spend a Moment in My Reality with Emma Sadleir

Social media is part of most people’s daily reality, however it comes with many dangers and risks. Being unaware means this tool can become a weapon we use against ourselves. Being uninformed of these risks can pose a threat to your reputation, your privacy, your career and more.

“There is a lot of ignorance about what you give up to be on these platforms. I grew up with my dad saying to me ‘Emma there is no such thing as a free lunch’. So when I get something for free and especially when it’s awesome, like Whatsapp or Gmail or Instagram or Facebook, I want to know how do I get this thing for free. I think that we’re used to getting things for free now, especially our children, that we’re forgetting to question it, we’re forgetting to be cynical and in simple terms, the rule is if you get something for free on the internet, you are the product. You’re not paying with your money but you’re paying with every morsel of information that you give them.”

In this episode of the MYD Show, we speak to Emma Sadleir, Lawyer, International speaker and expert on social media law.

In this MYD show podcast we find out:

  • The lowlights of Emma’s career which comes as a result of people being uninformed when using social media
  • How we determine the extent of our own right to privacy based on our activity on social media
  • The many dangers of social media and why it’s critical you inform yourself of your rights and responsibilities
  • Emma’s core message about Social Media Law and what she calls the tattoo affect.

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