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The MYD Show – Woke with Lorenzo Fioramonti

In this episode of the MYD Show, a professor of political economics and the author of the book ‘Wellbeing Economy’, Lorenzo Fioramonti, joined us in studio.

International speaker, author of nine books and numerous scientific articles that have been featured all over the world, from the New York Times to the Harvard Business Review, Lorenzo shares a new vision for an economy not based on growth but based on wellbeing, what he calls the greatest challenge of our civilisation today.

“Growth increases when people get sick, growth increases when we have disaster, growth increases when we have environmental destruction, because it requires more fixing, more mending and so on. In a sense we’re measuring growth when ‘good’ things happen but we’re measuring growth also, when ‘bad’ things happen. And guess what, in the past 30 years, we’ve done research globally, most of the growth was due to the ‘bad’ things not to the ‘good’ things. Climate change, traffic accidents, heart attacks, diseases, diabetes, malnourishment and so on and so forth. All these issues generate growth, and that’s growth we don’t want. Rather than growth we need to move to a new model, what I call the Wellbeing Economy.”

In this MYD Show podcast we find out:

  • Why Lorenzo feels growth is a failing economic principle
  • Why we tend to think things must be done as they always have been
  • What a world without growth, one where people and nature mattered, looks likes
  • With Africa expected to be the largest continent by 2060, how will we create jobs with already high numbers unemployment

Take a listen to the MYD Show with Lorenzo Fioramonti, here :