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Paint Me an Artist

“We can all learn to draw. We all learnt how to write.”

Art is a form of expression so intertwined with who we are not only in our appreciation of things of beauty but also in our need to have a platform to express who we are. However the question remains, can everyone be an artist? 99FM’s MYD Art spoke to Namibian art teacher Barbara Böhlke to find out if our new year’s resolution to be more creative and artistic, is one we can sustain.

According to Barbara “We all have a wish to express, a need to express who we are and while some people will find this expression possible in music and others will be drawn to paint and colour. For me, it was colour that drew me in and started my love of art.”

The art teacher who recently hosted the ‘’With Love” exhibition at the Goethe Centre, an exhibition which raised funds for young people suffering cancer in Namibia, notes that “Art and the expression of our own art, is very often a deep inner desire that needs a place to be expressed, yet so many people say they want to start drawing for example but they don’t think they are great at drawing.” However Barbara says that in her opinion “we were all born with the ability to draw yet many children lose this in school.” All is not lost she notes “We can all learn to draw. We all learnt how to write and drawing or any form of artistic expression can be learnt.”

When asked how this is possible, Barbara explains that “The first step is to start, take classes or read books on the subject.” She also notes that to start “you simply need to look at the beauty of the world around you, the light, the colours and what you see outdoors, to be inspired.”

Should you wish to give your inner artists a place to express this year, why not attend one of the many art classes available to Namibians such as those that Barbara offers. You can reach her at the Barbara Böhlke Art School by calling 0812730969

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