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Tools for Embracing Change

“Having tools to support you can help eliminate a lot of the stress often associated with change.”

The ushering in of a new year that is filled with many promises of new things, can mean a time of needing to embrace many changes. Change is an inevitable part of life and something that is trying to move us to new and better, yet it is something many of us fear and so 99FM’s MYD Heart spoke to creativity coach and lifestyle mentor, Karen Powell, to help us understand the process of change. Karen has prepared for us a step-by-step guide to embracing change and a seven day toolkit to keep us on track and able to flow with the changes life brings.

Toolkit for Embracing Change by Karen Powell

Change is part of life. As much as we like to control things and keep ourselves comfortable, we cannot escape change throughout our lives.

Having tools to support you can help eliminate a lot of the stress often associated with change.

1. Notice how you feel.
Feeling annoyed, bored, frustrated and lacking energy on a daily basis can all be signs that change is on the horizon. Our feelings are messengers. Listen to the messages they are trying to deliver. Change is mostly trying to lead us to personal growth and expansion.

Changes Butterlfy

2. Spell it out.
Write down all the concerns, fears, uncertainties and challenges you’re experiencing about this change. Seeing your feelings on paper in front of you is very helpful in moving them out of the body so they don’t overwhelm and consume you.

3. Become present.
Get out of your head and into your body. Breathe deeply and put your attention on your lungs. This not only calms you, but it empowers you. 100% of your power is found in the present moment. Listen to your intuition. It will guide you to take small, safe actions to keep moving you forward. Change is a process, not an event.

4. Take care of yourself.
The usual self-care tips here: get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, drink lots of water. Everything is easier to handle when you feel physically strong.

5. Express gratitude.
Think of some of the changes you’ve gone through in your life already. How did you eventually move through those periods in your life? Even if there were some tough times, what blessings eventually came out of the change? Acknowledge how grateful you are for these blessings.

For more ideas and support on embracing change, you can download Karen’s free “mini-workshop”, Your Guide to Navigating Through Change Gracefully at her website here : Karen Powell

Contact Karen Powell by emailing her at karen@kcpowell.com