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The MYD Africa Show with Heidi Burmeister-Nel

Heidi Burmeister-Nel is a Namibian Clinical Psychologist, who shares in this episode of the MYD Africa Show, tools that will help empower you in your relationships.

“We all have maps in our brains of how relationships should work. Some of these maps are good, but often these maps are not, but we have no other alternative. On a subconscious level these maps are ingrained in our brains and they steer us into the directions that we think is right, not knowing that we actually steer our relationship from a subconscious place.”

Through understanding the root cause of conflict, we are empowered to better relationships in both our business and private lives.

“There are so many causes of conflict, but I think what is important for people to know is that research has been done on conflict and what we actually see is that most of the time, people fight about absolute nonsense.”

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